Route40HQ20GP light 20GP heavyDispatch station
FOB Lianyungang – Tashkentvia Lianyungang
FOB Shanghai – Tashkentvia Lianyungang
FOB Yiwu – Tashkentvia Yiwu
via Lianyungang
FOB Guangzhou  – Tashkent  via Lianyungang
FOB Shenzhen– Tashkentvia Lianyungang

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  1. Cargo by rail, aviation, shipping (marine) transportation. Combined transport by sea, rail and road transport
  2. Development of optimal schemes of delivery of products, considering the characteristics of the goods, the requirements and wishes of the client;
  3. Receiving and sending the goods without the participation of the customer;
  4. Registration of import and export documents, customs clearance (customs clearance of goods in China, registration of export declarations and guarantees for their return to the address of the sender);
  5. Provision of transport units that meet the requirements of the transported goods;
  6. Warehousing (in China);
  7. Insurance;
  8. Informing the customer about cargo movement.

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